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Access to Art |

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Cochin Art Fair | 7th Edition | How weapon can injure the blue sky, the sea, and the mind

Access to Art | Durbar Hall

How weapon can injure the blue sky, the sea, and the mind. The central theme of the 7th Cochin Art Fair forces you to think deeply as you walk amongst the artwork of renowned names and first-timers. The diversity of canvas, textures, colours, techniques, and vision speaks numerous tales to you.

Durbar Hall

After two years of the virtual fair, this year curator O Sundar brings back the art fair to Durbar Hall in Kochi. The fair was inaugurated in the presence of Bose Krishnamachari, who is a painter, curator, founding member, and president of the Kochi Biennale Foundation.

Emotional Intimacy

Chokila, a final year fine arts student from the College of Fine Arts Thrissur has her painting exhibited for the very first time at this fair. Her works speak of moments of intimacy with self where her brush strokes express emotions that words fail to communicate.

Varghese Kalathil

Portraits of Politics

Kannur-based artist Varghese Kalathil has two of his works as part of the fair. He uses his art form to make commentary on society regarding what is happening in terms of politics around us. “I use my canvas as my political activism and my expressions are straightforward so that everyone gets what I intend to say. I do not want my art to be masked with positivity and interpreted in any other way,” says Varghese.

Portraits of Politics by Varghese Kalathil

His artwork exhibited at the fair is part of his ongoing series which also includes self-portraits that question the ongoing political and cultural hegemony our society faces today.

Meethu Mohan

Expression of Motherhood through Textures

“Experimenting with textures and colour shades is what I focus on in my work,” says Meethu Mohan. The use of various fabrics such as nylon and cotton gives Meethu’s work a refreshing feel. The juxtaposition of shades gives an interesting edge to her canvas.

Meethu recreates the emotions she observes in her near surroundings. In this work her pet dogs and goat are the subjects that she uses as a symbol of expression.

Expression of Motherhood through Textures by Meethu Mohan

Nishma Sebastian

Therapeutic Art

Nishma Sebastian brings our attention to the importance of mental health with her artwork that took its form during the stage when she fought depression. Though initially, she was reluctant to display this work, today she brings this work to the world as her voice of support to spread awareness of depression.

Therapeutic Art by Nishma Sebastian

Aswathy Prakash

Metal Sketchbook

Artist Aswathy Prakash believes that the process of creating art is ongoing. The surroundings that you subject yourself to and the thoughts and emotions that you pay attention to are what translates onto your canvas. The process of translation comes out best when your fingers, which are the primary tool, can be trained to be flexible and playful at the same time.

Aswathy’s metal sketchbook is her take on creating art in different mediums. Here she believes it is acid that is creating the art rather than her.

Metal Sketchbook by Aswathy Prakash

Keeping Art Alive

Left to Right - R.K Balakrishnan, O Sundar, Bose Krishnamachari

According to Bose, the fair is a way to discover new artists. It's the amalgamation of big names and first-timers that brings in the right mix of variety on display. There is a refreshing newness in each edition. The art fair is a stage that not only gives the artist a platform to exhibit their work but also attracts art enthusiasts and collectors that facilitates the sale of these works. Fairs are a trade centre for artists. Durbar Hall will be hosting the art fair till the 31st of August.

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